Title: Just One Kiss
Author: A.S.W
category: Mulder Scully romance
size: 2k
Discription: In the mind of Mulder what he thinks one kiss from Scully could do.
Rated: PG

If I could have one kiss, one kiss that was pure and true, what would that do? Would I kiss her soft and tender, letting my mouth explore her silky soft lips,letting my mind wonder away? Would it feel cool as her lips touch mine?

I would wrap her up into my arms too close to let her go feeling her body pressed upon my own, needing her, wanting her to be touched and to be near. I wouldn't let this moment pass me by like I have so many times. I would not let one second by, not one minute, not one breath. I would feel as if the world had left me behind and all that I saw before me was her love and caring eyes.

So much I want to take her and make her mine. If I could kiss her, one kiss in time could that change her mind? How I want to feel her lips upon my own, my breath on her body making me warm inside. And knowing that I was hers and she was mine.

But, how would I know? It is easier to dream, and fantasies than be able to show it. To know it. But no, I know if I were to kiss her I would have her and the world for that moment as it stands still she too would feel it and know it.

There has been many times, that I have taken her into my arms comforting her when she cries. To see her cry makes me break inside. To see her tears makes me wanna die. I would want to take her away from all her pain and throw it away. Shield her from the cruel and hateful world. Shield her from the unbroken storm.

I would do anything, anything for her. I would sell my soul to be with her, run through the rain, fire, sleet and hail to be with her. I would lie down my life if that was what it took.

Could just one kiss do that? No, because I would of done it anyway.I love her that much----

The End
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