The darkness covered the forest and the fear filled the harsh, cold, air that russled throughout the trees. The moon was bright orange making it the only source of light that shone on the forest. The stars did not shine that night, nor did the sound of the night could be heard. It was silent, except for the sound of falling snow and the sound of footsteps.

In the myst of the blinding snow a woman made her way through the cold snow. Holding her hand was a small girl bundled in warm clothing. The woman was dragging her by the arm forcing her to keep up. The tears rolled out of the woman's eyes, as she kept puling the small girl along.

"Mommy, please!" The little girl wimpered trying to keep up, the snow was soaking into her clothing making her shake. She was tierd and couldn't keep going on for very much longer. The woman looked back at her child and stopped.

"Please baby we have to keep moving." The mother begged looking down at her 5 year-old daughter.

The small child looked into her mother's eyes pleading her to stop, not understanding what they were doing.

"PLease honey we have to keep moving." The mother saiding looking at her frozen daughter's face.

The little girl shook her head and started crying.

The mother looked torwrds the lights that were geting closer. She picked te small child up into her arms and began to run. To much was going through her mind wishing she had stayed with her husband at the base. But she refused too when her husband had said to stay. The thought of him and her chid stayed there in her mind, only thinking of them. Worrying that if she didn't make it out, that she would never see her husband again.

The lights were getting closer and she feared the worst. She didn't think she had the stregnth to keep going. The child was geting heaverier every step she took. She jumped over a falled branch looking back to see ifshe cleared it. She looked ahead of her to see that there was another log, she couldn't jum it and she tripped over it falling face down into the snow. She quickly rolled over listening to the screaming of her child who was oly a few fet away from her. She tried to stand on her feet but it was no use. She dragged herself across the snow to where her child laid.

"Mel, are you alright?" She asked her, looking down at her blue faced child.

"Mel, you must do something for mommy.She said trying to wipe the tears away. " need you to leave me and go hide.

The small child sat up looking her mother in the face still crying. "No mommy!" She wimpered wipping the tears with her coat sleeve.

"Please baby, you have to go hide, do it for mommy." She begged looking behind her to see the lights gettting closer.

"No I won't go, I won't leave!" She said sternly

The mother bit down on her lip felling th fear and the sickness ingulf her.

"Please, If you love me go hide!" She said "Please meliane! Do It for me." she crie holding her daughter's face in her own.

"Mommy, No please don't make me go! I don't wanna go." She cried

"Mel, listen, I love you so much, but you have to do this, go hide, like daddy showed you, when you play hide n seek with him." The mother weeped pushing her chi trying to pick her up off her feet.

The girl looked at her mother and replied. "You'll come fi me? Right mommy?" The mother held the tears back that were burning. Her heart acked in pain. Knowing that she would never see her dughter again. She squinted her eyes. "Yes, I will now go. Remeber Mel, I will always love you!" She cried pushing her daughter torwards the opisite way of the lights.

"Promise me." She said still holding onto her daughter's hand. "You'll never look back." She said letting go of her child for the last time.

She watched as she ran not looking back.

The mother bursted into tears feeling the ach in her stomach the emptyness that had ingulft her. But the relief that her child was safe and that was all she cared about.

The lights were getting closer and she could see them with their flash lights running towards her. She laid there helplessly watching as a man with a black trench coat stopped at the foot of the tree.

"Well, well well, Michelle, I didn't think we would have to go to all this trouble to kill you." The man said standing over here. The man looked around the slient woods. "Where;s your daughter?" He aasked takig out a cigarette and lighting it.

"Like i would tll you, you son of a bitch!" she yelled angrly.

"Well, your time is up, you had your chance. Now I'm going to have to kill you. And then when I find your daughter, i'll kill her too." He said in a calm clear voice.

The man took the socom out of his holster and raised it towards the woman.A huge bang eched the night sky and everything became slient once again. A small child watch in horror behind a tree watching something that would huant her for life.

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