February 7, 1983 Washington D. C. 2:00am

It wasa pitch black night. The snow fell to the already covered ground.

"Help!" a helpless and scared voice screamed as she ran towards the woods. The darkness blinded her from seeing anything. She panted as she ran for dear life holding onto a small childs hand. The little girl was dragged by her mother as they made their way into the forest.

"Come on Sweety!" her mother cried as she panted for air trying not to let her voice tremble. The cold air and snow bit at their faces. The little girl attempted to run faster, but couldn't out step her mother. The mother wepted bitterly as they made their way. She could hear the sound of russling feet in the distance, the sound of new fallen snow being crushed. The woman looked back to see lights coming closer she turned her head back to see where she was going and tripped over a log, falling on to her face. "honey!" she cried out as she tried to push herself up, trying to see if her small child was alright. The little girl beside her tried to stand up. "Mommy." the girl cried.

The mother tried to stand on her feet but couldn't, she cried in agany as she wipped her head back to see the lights getting closer.

"Mel!", the mother cried to her. "Go hide! Please, do that for mommy." She begged looking at her little girl through the snow. Her big brown eyes filled with tears and confusion.

"PLEASE! Baby go hide!" she said again looking at her little girl with loving eyes. The little girl dropped down beside her mother holding onto her arm.

"No, I won't go! I won't!" She cried.

"Please honey mommy wants you to go hide. Do that for mommy." She begged her

"Mommy, please, I don't want to go." She cried.

"Baby, go hide. If you love mommy go hide." She said looking at her daughter in fear.

The little girl looked at her and replied "I love you mommy."

The mother grabbed her and kissed her. "Remember mel, I will always love you." She said pushing her daughter to go, trying not to cry. The little girl got up stilling crying and ran. Her moter looking as her daughter disappeared into the snow. She could see the lights getting closer. She could see her enemy coming with a gun. her daughter gone. That's all she cared about was that her daughter was safe.

A tall man stood in the distance aimming a gun at the woman as the forest was filled wih a shot ringing out into the night air. The mother felt the pain shatter her.......


March 7th 1999, 10pm New York City, Warehouse

A young woman stood back against a steel wall holding her breath as she quickly ran to the other side of the wall.She held her wesslen Smith close to her as she signaled behind her. A man followed sliding up to the same wall as her.

"When I count to five you take the other wall, and I'll kick the door down." She whispered holding her gun tighter. "1, 2, 3 ,4"

They both bursted into the small room. The woman looked around to see nothing.

"What the hell?!" The man said looking around the empty room. "Ryelee, we've been-"

"Shut up Lang." She said stopping to listen.

"Shhh!" She replied.


he began to say.

"Do you here that?" she asked him looking into his cool blue eyes.

He took a moment to listen into the air. "I hear nothing." He said turning to look at her.

Suddenly a clicking sound was heard that echoed inside the broken down room. Ryelee turned her head to see a man with a mask dressed in black behind the door they had just entered. She shouted to Lang to get out of the way but, it was to late. The trigger of the Sniper Riffle riped through Agent Lang's chest. He cried in agany as he was shot backwards towards Ryelee. She grabbed him as they both tumbled to the ground. Everything turned black

Ryelee awoke in a matter of seconds turning her head to find Lang lying beside her, blood soaking his white shirt. She cried out loud looking at his lifeless face as she began to drag herself towards him. Not noticing that she too was wounded.

"Lang" She cried out trying to lift his head up putting her hands around him.

"Lang, stay with me!" She screamed as tears began to fall from her eyes. The pain was shooting up her body, she began to shake violently, but kept her mind focosed on him. His sticky, dark, red blood was all over her hands. She scooted up to him locking her arms around him as she cried, knowing that he was gone.


November 1st 1999 Washington D.C. J. Edgar Hoover Building 12am

He sat comfortable glancing at papers. The room was dem and warm, the sound of a clock ticking away the minutes as he scribbled something on a sheet of plain legal paper. Assistant Director Skinner looked up at the clock to find that it was already lunch time. He picked himself up from his desk an made his way towards the door grabbing his black trench coat off the coat rack. He pulled it on and opened the door. A young woman sat quietly looking up to see him standing before him.

"If anyone calls tell them I went for lunch." He said

"Yes, Sir." She said smiling as she watched him leave the room.

------------------------------------------------------ November 1st 1999, Washington D.C. J. Edgar Hoover building 12:10pm

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