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It was dark and muggy, as the heat rised from the newly paved parking lot of the Federal Beauro. The parking lots were empty except a few cars that belonged to officials that were staying late. Under a parking light that let of a gental glow stood two figures exchancing words.

Agent Dana Scully walked through the blanket of fog towards her car looking up into the stary night sky. She took a deep breath clearing her mind of all thoughts. Her eyes shifted towards a sound of laughter. She squinted her eyes trying to get a view of the two people standing beside a parking light.

The laughter stopped when both figures turn to her direction. She walked closer to where they were at and, noticed that it was Mulder. She looked more closer to find Diana Fowley with him. Her eyes dropped towards the pavement and felt that she wasen't suspose to see what she had just witnessed. She tried to look as if she had seen nothing. Maybe they wouldn't know who she was as she walked faster to her car.

The anger built up in her, picturing Fowley with him. Wondering why Mulder couldn't see that there was something uneasy about her.

"Scully?" Mulder yelled to her, motioning her to come over.

Scully hesitated looking over at him. She forced herself slowly over to where they were at. Looking in Mulder's direction and then glancing over at Diana Fowley.

"Mulder and *I* were just talking about you." Fowely softly said looking Scully staight in the eyes.

The sound of her voice made Scully shrug. She looked Fowley back in the eyes and replied. "Oh?" in the same tone of voice she had used.

Fowley pretended she didn't notice it and looked over at Mulder and said "Yes, thats correct." Shaking her head, she paused, "I was asking Mulder if he would help me with this case I am on. Seeing that he has the expertise that I *know* he has." She paused again looking at Scully with a half smile on her face. She could feel how uncomfortable and tense she was, and it pleased her. "We were just off to get something to eat."